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Seasonal beer


A Belgian ale made in collaboration with Labietis with handpicked pine shoots, elderflower and lemon peel. And you can taste all of that. It’s fruity and flowery and green!

Belgian Ale 7% 12ibu 2017

For our Agriturismo we went back into nature to connect with the trees, ourselves and each other. We invited our Latvian friends from Labietis and together we ventured into the Dutch dunes to pick our fresh ingredients. We charged in the sun and got our hands dirty!

We navigated a corn maze, slopped hogs, picked fruits, fed animals and enjoyed our trip in  nature. At Labietis, they know what it’s like to celebrate the pagan lifestyle. They are known for their herby beers and are often out and about, crafting forgotten beer styles that are deeply rooted in authentic traditions. Agriturismo is the expression of our meeting. It’s a crispy beer with the smell of fresh herbs from the real outside. Handpicked by us, for you. We settled on pine shoots because it was the season and then we added elderflower and some classic lemon peel. And you can taste all of that. It’s fruity and flowery and green!

Artist Matthijs Booij colored the label with his free interpretation of our nature trip as a leisurely Summer night, while also subtly encouraging nudity at all times. Thanks Matthijs.