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Seasonal beer

Hollandse Gedrooghopte Cider / Dry Hopped Cider

Each spring we co-produce Hollandse Gedrooghopte Cider with Giel Ciders. By dry hopping a few batches of delicately acidic, spontaneously fermented apple juice we make a cider with the aromas of a hoppy beer.

Cider 8% 10ibu 2013

In the way we explore the diverse world of beer, so too does our cider twin: Giel Cider. We may be two companies, but we share a similar approach to our ingredients. Cider is another good example of what can be a delectable artisan product, yet it is frequently devalued by industrial producers and transformed into a bland, commercial beverage.

We think this is a damn pity! On the upside, this brings with it the opportunity to supply high-quality products no matter how small the initial niche. This is why we collaborate with Giel Ciders to produce Hollandse Gedrooghopte Cider / Dry Hopped Cider.

We met Andreas Giel at a culinary tasting event in Amsterdam. One sip of his ciders and we were impressed! Delicately acidic notes were coupled with a beautiful kick from the spontaneously fermented apple juice used by Andreas. Sipping some more only inspired us further… While tasting, we came up with the concept of combining the best of both worlds: use the cider as a base and add the aromas of a hoppy beer.

It didn’t come as too much of a surprise when his cider + our hops turned out to be a winning combination! From here on out, we will continue to dry hop a few batches of Giel’s ciders and release them every April. We’ll keep this brew available as long as the stock lasts.

Springtime only.