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Seasonal beer


Lekkerbek is slightly tart with a flower-fruity bouquet that matches well with any fish dish! It's made with classic Dutch herbs like mustard and dill that suit the overall quality and character of this spiced Saison.

Saison 6% 25ibu 2014

We used a culinary approach to develop Lekkerbek with the Youth Food Movement (YFM). The YFM works to create awareness about our food systems and every year they organize a festival with a particular theme. The 2015 theme was ‘Fish’.

The challenge? Brew a beer related to ‘Fish’. We found the catchall ‘Fish’ to be dauntingly broad given the endless number of species and methods of preparation this could encompass. To narrow our focus, we honed in on the fact that fish is often paired with a glass of white wine. Rising to the challenge, we decided to make a beer fit to defy the assumed coupling of fish served with wine.

The result is a 5% ABV Saison with mustard seeds, dill and Nelson Sauvin dry hops. This makes for a fresh and dry beer that is slightly tart with a flower-fruity bouquet. Using classic Dutch herbs and ingredients like mustard and dill seems to suit the overall quality and character of this spiced Saison.

Lekkerbek is not just catchy slang, it consciously depicts the deep-fried battered cod that many of us enjoy at markets and festivals. In our opinion this beer, and its name, constitutes a true culinary delight and match for any fish dish!

Lekkerbek arrives annually in May.