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Seasonal beer

Mata Hari

Saison with gin spices, made together with Gigantic Brewing

Saison 7.5% 10ibu 2016

With Gigantic Brewing we thought of using some Gin or Jenever spices. We thought of something like an IPA, but ended up doing a stronger saison where the yeast profile will match the spicy, and hoppy flavors of the stronger base. Like some Jenevers, we used a fair amount of rye malts in the mash, filled the hopback with Cascade, Citra hops, and juniper berries, orange peel, lemon grass, ginger, angelica root. Post fermentation some more Citra, Cascade and Polaris dry hops were added to round off this spicy, strong saison with a fresh hoppy aroma.

We revamped the label of this beer with text balloon stickers, because internally there were some interesting discussions about the label. We documented this process on this page of our site.