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Seasonal beer


Let's go somewhere and unplug. Meet me offline with this smooth white ale.

White Ale 4.5% 15ibu 2017

Offline is the Oedipus version of a Witbier. This beer combines flavours of different grains, Belgian ale yeast and European hops. The body of this beer is made of light barley, wheat, rye and oat malts. It is fermented with a Belgian ale yeast strain, bringing fruity and some peppery notes. Most of the Saphir and Hallertau Blanc hops are added as late and dry hops, and bring grassy and citrus fruitlike flavor and aroma. Together this makes for a citrusy, fruity and slightly spicy, refreshing beer.

Our Offline is about that complete relaxation, about sitting back and letting go. That’s why the launch party of Offline will be an extremely offline event. No phones, no wifi.

We suggest when drinking the Offline you do the same. No distractions, just you and this smooth white ale.