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Seasonal beer


Planet Oedipus Lifeform No. 2 - Number two out the six collaborations brewed during Planet Oedipus Festival 2017 is an Adjunct Lager with Corn & Rice made with famous Dutch brewery De Molen.

Adjunct Lager 4.5% 15ibu 2017

For our six pack of newly discovered lifeforms, we ventured into the unknown with a few of our most inspiring international brewer friends and found all kinds of creepy-crawlies and curious organisms. From a golden ale to a sour pilsner, together we’re pushing the frontiers of flavor beyond our earthly senses. Try them all! Here are the others: No. 1, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, No. 6

Brewing with Menno from  De Molen was a great honor for us. They are an inspirational brewery from the Netherlands, mostly famous for strong and extreme beers. Which is why, together we opted for something more surprising, light and delicate. We chose to brew an adjunct lager with rice and malt in the grist, resulting in a super light body. It is clean bottom fermented and late and lightly dry hopped with Saphir hops. 

Here is us with Menno and some funky brewery props.