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Seasonal beer

Rubberen Robbie

Brewed together with Brouwerij de Prael, Rubberen Robbie is a dry, non-bitter Smoked Porter. Along with smoked malts from a local butcher’s smoke oven, this dark beer has subtle tones of chocolate and licorice.

Smoked Porter 6.5% 20ibu 2013

Together with Brouwerij de Prael we brew Rubberen Robbie. Depending upon our moods, and capacity, we sometimes brew this Smoked Porter at our brewery and other times at de Prael’s facilities.

This collaborative partnership stemmed from friendship and a desire to share knowledge between the two brew houses. Additionally, Reinhart the local butcher, lovingly known as ‘Dan the Meat Man’, helps out too.  He graciously let us use his smoke-oven to smoke our malts for Rubberen Robbie.

Rubberen Robbie is a dry, non-bitter Smoked Porter inspired by other English-style Porters. This means this dark beer (6.5% ABV) has subtle tones of chocolate and licorice.

Brouwerij de Prael names each of its beers after a famous Amsterdam folksinger. Given that our founding four hail from around the city of Leiden (about 40 minutes from Amsterdam), we thought it would be appropriate to name our beer after an eccentric punk band from Leiden: Rubberen Robbie.

True to our offbeat approach and overall indifference to folksingers, we chose Rubberen Robbie for making well-known satirical songs and videos in the 1980s. We were even more convinced of our choice when this beer’s first brew day fell on October 3rd – Leiden’s celebrated liberation day!