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Seasonal beer


Golden Sour Ale 6% 12.5ibu 2017

For our second collaboration beer with TORCH gallery, the first one being Chateau Akkerman, we worked with artist Thijs Zweers.

He made three beautiful labels for the beer Unreal, that like Thijs’ artworks, was created in another, wilder dimension. Because both us and Thijs like sour beer, it became a Golden Sour Ale (6%) 

Unreal is a blend of four beers. Two thirds was fermented in red and white wine barrels, giving the beer depth, sourness and a touch of oaky, vanilla notes. The remaining third part is a mixture of our Vogelen and Offline, adding some light refreshing hoppy notes to the beer.

Thijs mostly uses two materials to make his artworks, Siberian chalk and masking tape. With the tape he spares out lines on the canvas, and then he uses the darkest chalk to draw landscapes of densely overgrown and dimly lit jungles.

His compositions stem from a fictional environment, a digital forest he created himself. After drawing, he removes the masking tape to reveal the white, naked canvas underneath, and the dynamic squiggly lines subtly disclose the existence of another, unreal dimension.