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Seasonal beer


ZWANGERSCHAPSYOGA is a Dark Sour, born from a second mash of KINDERYOGA grains. It’s fermented with a variety of wild yeasts to give it a tart or sour mouthfeel. We added hand-picked Belgian Morellen cherries to complement the tart and fruity flavor.

Dark Sour 4% 5ibu 2015

The story of ZWANGERSCHAPSYOGA (‘Pregnancy Yoga’) begins with KINDERYOGA. Why? To brew KINDERYOGA we used so much malt that, not wanting to waste, we used the spent grains for a second mash. Hence ZWANGERSCHAPSYOGA was born: still dark and rich, but lighter in alcohol.

ZWANGERSCHAPSYOGA is a Dark Sour with 4% ABV that is brewed with Morellen cherries from Belgium. What is a Dark Sour? It’s a collective term for beers that are fermented with a variety of ‘wild’ yeasts or specific (good) bacteria cultures. This gives the beer a sour or tart mouthfeel and flavor.

Since Dark Sours remain unknown, we thought it would be great to enhance this beer’s typically tart qualities with the flavor of fresh cherries. The Morellen cherries we used were hand-picked by the Oedipus staff. The dark malts lend a nice chocolate flavor that pairs well with the Flemish cherries.

For the design of both YOGA beers we teamed up with Saša Ostoja – a local artist and all-around wunderkind. Recently Saša has achieved significant exposure with his art, posters and animations. We simply love his colorful drawings and think the childlike and playful style nicely suits our personality and these supple, new Oedibrews.