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From August 11 to August 12

Planet Oedipus 2018
Music & Beer Festival

NoordOogst Stadslandbouwproject, Meteorenweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Planet Oedipus goes down on 11 and 12th of August at NoordOogst in Amsterdam-Noord, a lovely cultural city-farming project where we have the space to create our own playground for all you space travellers.

At Planet Oedipus we bring together all the things we love: music, art, food and BEER of course. A weekend to celebrate and share all the good things in life and we want you to join us! Our line-up is pretty wild with (home-) brewers from different countries, food from all over the planet and music from outer space handpicked by Blip and Sugarfactory.


For the true fans we have a heavenly Intergalactic Superdeal! It grants you access to Planet Oedipus all weekend, includes a tasting glass and 10 tokens to get you started.

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Photo 2017 (check out other photos in the tab below)


Saturday program by Blip                       Sunday program by Sugarfactory

Bands:                                                                    Bands:
Ronald Snijders                                                   Omni
Koffie                                                                      Amber Arcades
St. Tropez                                                             Akula Rythm Band
Conjunto Papa Upa                                           San Dollar

DJ’s:                                                                      DJ’s:
Arp Frique                                                           Volcano Boys
Osdorp Tapes                                                    The Bakabanas
Kirky JJ                                                                Lien
Kimchi Radio