Past event
September 29

Vincent op Vrijdag & Oedipus

Paulus Potterstraat 7, 1071 CX Amsterdam, Nederland 19:00 - 22:00

When the Van Gogh museum asked us to do a fun Friday mixer, we totally said okay let’s do it. It was afterall, Van Gogh’s cheerful attitude that once inspired our Offline.

Friday 29 September we have the honor of hosting one of the ‘Vincent op Vrijdag’ nights at the museum, and we take this opportunity to go Offline once again 📵 There is a very full program you can check in the Facebook event, but we have all the ingredients to make for a very pleasant evening.

You can go for a walk and get in touch with nature, go for a Safe Swim, express your feelings, get a massage, do some yoga, taste colors, relax with visuals and a transcend our current astral plane with the ambient live music of Suzanne Kraft en Jonny Nash.

Tickets: 17,- | Student (only online): 10,- | CJP: 14,- | Museumkaart: free

Full Program:

Go Offline: Leave your phone in the phone hotel, it will be safe and you will be free.

City ecologists Anneke Blokker and Geert Timmermans show you around the flora and fauna on Museumplein.

LIVE | Suzanne Kraft & Jonny Nash (Melody As Truth)
Suzanne Kraft (Los Angeles) and Jonny Nash (Schotland)  create a focused live act with ambient music and hypnotising visuals. Take place in the bean bags or hammock and transcend away

Stretch and relax, Van Gogh looks good from all angles.

Taste, color, beer and art all come together in this special tasting. Together with Ko van ’t Hek (Kunst Kijken met Ko & Kho) and one of our brewers we will be lead by Van Gogh’s paintings to dive deeper in the world of paintings until we can see taste and taste color.

GUIDED TOUR | Visible Thinking
A slow-down tour through the museum. Not rushing to see the highlights, just be guided by what you feel and where it takes you.

Pretty self-explanatory.

LIVE | Safe Swim
Boris de Vries uses snippets of life to make sound collages.

VISUALS & SOUNDSCAPE | Beeldjutters + Joost van Dijk
Take us to the fields of gold.

We have all kinds of delish on bottle and are bringing the WC TV cam to catch all your honest responses.

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