Feeling flexible? Meet our two new YOGA beers!

October 16, 2015

Sander has been keeping himself busy in the new brewery! He combines an experimental imagination with hard work to create stuff we’ve never done, like our two newest beers: KINDERYOGA & ZWANGERSCHAPSYOGA.

With KINDERYOGA, we have made our first (big) Imperial Stout.

Oedipus Label Kinder Yoga

KINDERYOGA is an Imperial Stout with 11% ABV – the strongest in our beer family. Truly Imperial in many ways, this brew is rich, dark and full-flavored. After tasting some great American Imperial Stouts, we also wanted to make our version a bit hoppy. Next to the chocolate and roasted flavors, there is a subtle yet distinct hoppy bite with a hint of bitterness.

To brew KINDERYOGA we used so much malt that, not wanting to waste, we used the spent grains for a second mash. Hence ZWANGERSCHAPSYOGA was born: still dark and rich, but lighter in alcohol.

Oedipus Label Zwangersschaps Yoga

ZWANGERSCHAPSYOGA is a Dark Sour with 4% ABV that is brewed with Morellen cherries from Belgium. What is a Dark Sour? It’s a collective term for beers that are fermented with a variety of ‘wild’ yeasts or specific (good) bacteria cultures. This gives the beer a sour or tart mouthfeel and flavor.

Since Dark Sours remain unknown, we thought it would be great to enhance this beer’s typically tart qualities with the flavor of fresh cherries. The Morellen cherries we used were hand-picked by the Oedipus staff.

For the design of both YOGA beers we teamed up with Saša Ostoja – a local artist and all-around wunderkind. Recently Saša has achieved significant exposure with his art, posters and animations.

We simply love his colorful drawings and think the childlike and playful style nicely suits our personality and these supple, new Oedibrews. Saša also forms half of the Eaglemen DJ duo, so if you’re lucky, you might even spot him behind the decks at one of our parties!

Find more info about the beers go to the beer pages here: KINDERYOGA & ZWANGERSCHAPSYOGA.