Planet Oedipus 2k17 Festival Experience

August 22, 2017

Some rain, plenteous sunshine, good people, great food, cool music and  lots and lots and lots of beer – our first edition of Planet Oedipus had it all!

Our party was welcomed on NoordOogst’s grassy meadow where we connected with and old and new brewer friends and for the first time, were able to host a big music stage. 

It was a bit of an experiment, combining our Kimchi Festival and the Oedipus International Beer Festival to create our biggest festival ever, bringing the local, national and international flavors together. But we’re very happy with how it turned out – seeing different kinds of people all together enjoying beer & life, that is what Oedipus is all about!

Here are some of the visual memories of two very happy festival days. See you again next year!

Oedipus WC TV

In the WC TV visitors were invited to express all their candid thoughts in the cosiness of our portable toilet turned video booth.

by Noel Wilneder

For all the festival pictures, see our facebook page.