Beer Tastings

At Oedipus Brewing we are all about taste. We love exploring new tastes and flavours. To share what we love the most we offer a broad variety of tastings: from straight forward beer tastings to elaborate Beer Dinners at amazing restaurants – you name it, we do it. Here you can find more information about our all-inclusive tastings for you, your friends and your colleagues… or even the whole family.

We believe that there is more in life than beer. That is why we are always happy to make new connections and work together with inspiring partners. Head to the Beer & Food section to find out more about our collaborations with some of Amsterdam’s finest food enterprises. With these Beer & Food pairings we want to explore and develop the culinary possibilities of beer.

The beers and pairings change with the season.

These tastings are all about our beer. All tastings include a tour of our little brewery where you will learn more about how Oedipus Brewing came into being – and how and why we make beer. You can peek into the kettles and learn about the basics of brewing. Before, during and after the tour, you’ll sample our classic beers and latest experiments.

All tastings are available for a minimum of 8 beer lovers and include a little tour of the brewery.


  • 5 beers
  • 8 beer lovers: 170€
  • every extra person: 15€
  • time: ca. 105 min.


  • 6 beers
  • 8 beer lovers: 190€
  • every extra person: 17,5€
  • time: ca. 135 min.


  • 10 beers
  • 8 beer lovers: 270€
  • every extra person: 27,5€
  • time: ∞

These tastings are about the culinary art of beer pairing. No other beverage comes in a broader spectrum than beer: from sweet to sour, from salty to smoked. The variations are endless. That makes beer an amazing companion for food. Here are three of our favourite ways to bring the two together.

All tastings are available for a minimum of 8 connoisseurs and include a little tour of the brewery.

Beer & Cheese

This is a classic. For this one we work together with Fromagerie Abraham KEF. They supply us with a seasonal selection of five artisanal cheeses. Carefully matched with our beer this is a match made in heaven.

  • 5 beers paired with 5 cheeses
  • 8 connoisseurs: 230€
  • every extra person: 18,5€
  • time: 105 min.

Beer & Chocolate

This might sound a little strange, but it is actually pure goodness. We collaborate with Chocolatemakers : honest and tasty chocolate produced just around the corner from us in Amsterdam Noord. Chocolate and beer: not your typical pairing, but definitely worth a try.

  • 5 beers paired with 5 pieces of chocolate
  • 8 connoisseurs: 230€
  • every extra person: 18,5€
  • time: ca. 105 min.

Beer & Fish

Maybe the most unusual of our Beer & Food pairings. Our friend Henry is of one Amsterdam’s finest addresses for sustainable fish. Together with Vis van Henry (link) we are proud to offer this unique experience. Small bites of fish – pure or tasty nibbles: We will pair them with our beers and promise a unique experience.

  • 5 beers paired with fish
  • 8 connoisseurs: 250€
  • every extra person: 21€
  • time: 105 min.

This is the pinnacle of our culinary branch. At intervals of a month (and sometimes a bit more) we host Beer Dinners together with amazing restaurants that we love and admire.

With these dinners we want to show that fine dining and beer are a perfect match. The menus that are served are a mix the restaurant’s signature dishes and new ideas we develop together with the chefs. Forget about wining and dining. Dining and beering is the the future!

Check our events page for the Beer Dinner programme.

At Oedipus we like to think outside of the box. So if you can not find anything in the boxes we set up, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Do you want us to come to you? Do have an event where you want us to do a tasting? We’re happy to tailor an event for you – with you.

Just send a message and we make it happen!