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Seasonal beer

Château Akkerman

Together with artist Philip Akkerman we developed this real classic bock beer . It's the first in our collaboration series with Amsterdam art gallery Torch, and comes with three different labels by the artist.

Bock 6.5% 15ibu 2017

For our first collaboration with Amsterdam Art Gallery Torch we sat down with one of their artists, Philip Akkerman. Akkerman designed labels resembling a refined Bordeaux, mixed with a rural vin de table feel, inspiring us to make a classic feeling, dark, bock beer.

Akkerman is a contemporary artist working in the classic tradition of the self-portrait. He’s been painting self-portraits since 1981, currently counting up to over 4000 drawings and paintings. His oeuvre has become an impressive catalog, effectively displaying various styles and techniques from very expressionistic, hinting towards cubism, but mostly based in magic realism.

For us, having brewed somewhat ‘gimmicky’ bock beers in the past, this time we wanted to create something more true to the style. This bock beer, naturally, is all about malty flavors. We added a few colored malts to create a rich, toasty and bready, slightly caramelly and chocolaty flavors. With subtle late and dry hop additions we wanted to add an extra floral, spicy kick to this beer.

The Château Akkerman comes with three different labels. 

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