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Seasonal beer


The sheer amount of hops in this beer makes us so euphoric we shout: Hosanna!

Double IPA 9% 60ibu 2015

Houston, we’re fine! No one is in trouble here!

We’re so fine in fact, we have a seasonal beer to celebrate it – Hosanna, our double IPA hop love bomb. Extra bold and extra fruity.

‘Hosanna’ is a Judeo-Christian exclamation of praise and joy. It came upon us when during a meeting, one of us shouted: “Now everything is still Hosanna….” For us this captured it all.

Whether you’re crying out for divine intervention, or thanking the gods for all that is good, Hosanna is the beer to express your jubilation.

Modeled after our favorite American DIPAs, Hosanna is a hop forward Double India Pale Ale. We combined a simple malt bill with pilsner malt, a bit of Münchener malt and some honey to really let the hops shine. This beer is brewed with Cascade and Simcoe, and dry hopped with another addition of Simcoe and Hüll Melon.