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Seasonal beer


A malty memory to take you back home

Bock 6.5% 15ibu 2018

When we think of Bock beer, we think of the old days. Way before the craft beer revolution when in Beerland the main stage was for beer styles like Pilsner, Blond, Dubbel, Tripel. And of course Bock. It brings back memories and nostalgia of our beer childhood: a happy place filled with traditions that are there to be honored and saved.

In French, you have the saying “C’est ma Madeleine de Proust”. It means that a certain smell or aroma brings up an old memory that you actually forgot about. This derived from Marcel Proust – the famous French writer – who was reminded of his childhood when he smelled the aroma of the Madeleine butter cake and lime blossom tea. We had to think of that story when brewing our Bock: a beer that evokes nostalgia, but also shows that the beer landscape has grown beyond the beer styles that we know from the beginnings of our wonderful beer journey.

Long story short: we want you to meet our Madeleine, a 6,5% bottom fermented Bock. Madeleine has a very chocolate-like malty character, which we have emphasised even more by using Hallertau Tradition, Spalt and Helga. Besides her soothing caramel and chocolate aromas, Madeleine has a rich palette with toast, bread and biscuit flavors. With subtle late and dry hop additions we added some extra floral and spicy notes to this beer.


We’ll always keep enjoying, tasting and brewing the classics, yet in our own way.

After all, it’s where we come from.