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Seasonal beer


Imperial Mild Ale 7% 40ibu 30ebc 2020

Mild ale is an English beer style that dates all the way back to the early 18th century. As it was originally a term used to classify young (rather than aged) beer, mild could be everything from porter to pale ale – but it’s always been beer that should be drunk fresh. We saw this as an opportunity to brew a hoppy ale true to its 18th century roots. Back then ales were rated X to XXXX according to the strength.

Multiball is an XXX or Imperial Mild ale made with (almost) all English ingredients. Goldings and Target hops, Mild Ale and Amber malts and Burton Ale yeast combine to form a next level mild that comes flying at you from every direction. Just give it a little nudge, otherwise you’ll tilt the table…



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