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Seasonal beer


India Pale Lager 5.5% 35ibu 2018

We teamed up with the big dog from across the pond, the BrewDog! Together, our brewers made Neverland, an India Pale Lager with Nelson Sauvin (5,5%).

It’s a beer with a simple pilsner malt base, fermented with a clean lager strain. It’s crisp and dry and really lets the hops shine. We used Centennial as the dominant hop variety and added Citra and some Nelson Sauvin as dry hops. The result: A palette of grassy, piney notes with hints of lime and blackcurrant on the palate, all resting on toasty, caramel backbone. Superb.

When we still worked in beer bars ourselves, Brewdog was one of our big inspirations. We admired their hoppy brews and their innovative take on brewing. For our collaboration we wanted to revive those hoppy memories, but in a subtle, modern refreshing way.