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Seasonal beer


Sour Lager 5% 20ibu 5ebc 2019

Panorama is a (slightly) sour pilsner created in collaboration with the lovely people at Lab111. We wanted to create a beer for them that would be the perfect companion to the offbeat films they show – a balanced drink that wouldn’t distract from the events on screen but provides a refreshing sour kick when you need it.

Our Panorama is the classic story of a life gone sour, but this time with a happy ending. It starts off nice and clean before lactobacillus is brought to the party. This bacteria is brewer’s kryptonite, as just one cell can sour a brew completely, so we monitored the pH level carefully to ensure that the flavour didn’t turn too sour. Finally we did some dry hopping to give a gentle hoppy hit that feels like running through fresh fields in spring, whether you’re Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music or My Neighbor Totoro.



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