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Seasonal beer

Oedipus Pilsner

Oedipus Pilsner

Pils 5% 20ibu 12ebc 2019

We all know what a lager should be, right? Something that goes down real easy, a beer for drinking, not overthinking. But strangely enough it’s not as easy to make as you’d imagine.
It took us three years and more lager, lager, lagers than we can remember to find our favourite recipe with the right balance of hops, crispness and refreshment.

This German style pilsner is brewed with traditional German and Czech hop varieties and we used 100% pilsner malt for a full body. It’s (of course) bottom fermented and therefore the aftertaste is relatively clean. We dry hopped the beer with traditional hops to add grassy, spicy and citrus notes.

Winner of the gold medal, category Pilsner, in the Dutch Beer Challenge 2019.

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