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Seasonal beer


Saison 6% 25ibu 10ebc 2022

The NDSM Wharf is where Amsterdam’s maritime past meets its creative present. What used to be a bustling shipyard is now home to a thriving community that fills the enormous terrain with art, music, food and drink. Our friends at Ijver are bang in the middle of it. We got together to brew a beer that captures the energy that has run through the place for over a hundred years.

Schwung is a saison that builds on the past to embrace the future. Just like the traditional saison, it’s intended to quench the thirst after a hard day’s work, whether in the fields, on the docks or behind a laptop. To bring the style up to date we gave it some ‘schwung’, aka mojo, by adding modern German hops for citrus fruit and pear flavours.


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