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Seasonal beer


Starter is one out of two special collaborations we've brewed for Planet Oedipus 2018! This year we joined forces with To Øl & Brouwerij Kees and made two beers that underline the friendship we have together.

Sour Witbier 4% 10ibu 2018

Oh have we got something started with Brouwerij Kees. After talking for years about brewing a beer together, now it finally happened. Kees is a guy that you would call persistent, he started as a chef, saw an opportunity to go from home brewer to a more professional level. Within a few years he made name internationally, opened his own ‘Brouwerij Kees’ in 2015 to eventually get voted top-4  new brewers worldwide, talking about a kick-start ‘ey!

You see, this is why this collab is named Starter: we both just do things because we believe in it… Get things started.

Starter is a 4% sour Witbier. Doing various kettle soured beers up till now, we decided to brew a very traditional Witbier, but than with this kettle soured base since Kees and us always like to give things a twist. The kettle soured base gives the beer super fresh sour character. A big dose of wheat in the grist and very few late additions of hop, just a bit of Baveria and Hallertau Tradition for an extra citrus boost… Of course Stater has orange peel and coriander thrown in the mix, it’s still a Witbier right ;).