Expanding the Oedipus Galaxy: Heineken takes stake in Amsterdam craft brewery Oedipus


Exciting news: Oedipus is partnering up with Heineken. It’s a big step and we’d like to explain why we chose to embark on this new phase in our adventure.

For the past seven years, we have strived to make the best beer we can: modern, lively and colorful brews that everyone can enjoy. We are honored to have received so much support and positive feedback, and humbled that people have taken the time to follow what we do, visit our taproom, come to our events, and seek us out at festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. From our home brewing days until now, it has been a bumpy, colorful, fantastic rocket ride.

Our motto has always been that there’s more to life than beer, so we created our own Oedipus galaxy where beer, food, music, art and nature come together and everyone is welcome. This is where we get our daily dose of energy, creativity, and, above all, excitement.

In the Studio, the brewery’s creative heart, we dreamt up new flavors, new places where people can enjoy our beers, new music to drink to and new dishes to pair with our beers. We are already living our dream, but we wanted to build more experiences around our beer: a food&beer bar where innovative cuisine is matched with experimental beer; the brew club, a new musical and cultural venue; and our biggest dream: a modern, sustainable, farmhouse brewery in or around Amsterdam. We’re happy and proud to announce that we can now make all of these creative dreams a reality.

Dreams need funds though, and for funds you need a partner. We felt that it was now time to make an active choice about our future. Finding the right partner isn’t an easy task. We needed somebody who could understand who we are, what we dream about, help in getting our beers to an even higher level in quality and consistency and ensure the wider distribution of our beers.

We found that partner in Heineken. They immediately understood our vision and are willing to support our dreams with their capacities and resources. It has been confidence-inspiring to see, despite our obvious differences, the extent to which we speak the same language. And it has been great to see mutual trust and understanding grow with each conversation.

Heineken will own a minority stake in our business. This means that we will maintain full control of what we brew, how we do it and with whom.

We are excited about the bright future ahead for Oedipus and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Warm regards,

Paul, Alex, Rick, Sander & Tristan


Oedipus provides beer, color and pleasure
Pascal Gilet, CEO Heineken The Netherlands: “I think it’s fantastic that we can work together with the people at Oedipus. Thanks to their superb, colorful, progressive beers and a wonderful mix of design, music and culture, Oedipus has established a unique position in a short time. I am really impressed by the creativity, passion and imagination with which they brew and present their beers. They are a source of inspiration to many and know how to bring people together – something that I personally value enormously. Oedipus provides beer and pleasure, and I admire that. They are non-conformist, independent and free-spirited: brewers first, and a passion for music close behind. I am happy that we are be able to help support their dream, the galaxy, while at the same time Heineken can learn a lot from how Oedipus has developed and will develop in the future. Together we can move towards a bright future with beer and pleasure at its heart.”


About Oedipus

We are Oedipus Brewing. Founded by four friends in Amsterdam, we use imagination to color the world and to show that diversity is power.

We’re always ready to go where our taste buds take us. Oedipus is about fun, energy and doing things differently. We create fantastical beers to reveal to the world that beer is a magical beverage: tasty, exciting and for everyone.

Open your world. Discover your taste. Surprise yourself. Learn something new. Experience that the world is a little bit larger than you thought.

Welcome to our universe 🖖


Note for press:

For more information please contact Tristan Spits via or 020-2441673