Past event
April 20

Homebrewers Festival 2019

Home brewing is one of the most fun things to do. It’s how we got started, and how we discovered the magic of brewing beer. We sometimes miss those early days and that’s why we came up with the idea of a Homebrewers Festival: to celebrate the experiment. This year we’ve teamed up with our neighbours at Walhalla Brewery to create that funky block party vibe. Needless to say: we have some great funky music & The Beef Chief food for you.

Registration info: We can host a total of 15 home brewers. Would you like to participate? Send an email before Februari 22nd to Please provide the following info: home brewery name, amount of persons in your team and of course your beer list (max of 4 beers: name, style, abv, short description). On top of that, we invite all homebrewers to come up with your very own version of the wonderful style they call Grisette. Total amount of beers: 4+1 Grisette. StaRt BreWing!

Date: Saturday April 20
Time: 14:00 – 01:00
Live music: tba
DJ: tba
Tokens: € 2,-
Glas + 2 tokens: € 7,50
Free entrance

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