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Session #25
Willem van Waesberghe is Global Master Brewer at Heineken. When he talks about beer, people listen – which makes him a good guest for Radio Oedipus. He joins Danny and Sander to discuss the future of our favourite drink: whether it’s craft beer, low or no alcohol drinks or robots. Well, maybe not robots, but certainly the role technology will play in the brewing process.

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Session #24
Aukje Dekker is the founder of Sexyland, a club that has a different owner every day. It’s a small corner of Amsterdam that celebrates Amsterdam’s diversity in all its glorious variety. She joins Danny to talk about her plans for Super Sexyland World and the future of Amsterdam nightlife in the Corona era and beyond.

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Session #23
We enjoyed talking to Rick Nelson so much during the Oedipus Founders Special (Session #10), that we had to get him back for more. Take a trip inside the mind of our old creative mastermind as we ride the cultural zeitgeist from music, food and beer all the way to his new bar in Amsterdam Noord.

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Guest mix #21
Regular visitors to the taproom know Simon from @the.beef.chief as the man behind the biggest and juiciest burgers in town. For this week’s guest mix he serves up tasty downtempo and ambient anthems. Tune in at Radio Oedipus.

Session #22
An old pathological anatomical laboratory sounds more like the setting for a horror film rather than somewhere to watch one. Welcome to Lab 111, a cinema that does things differently. Its director Tobias de Jong joins Danny to discuss the world of cinema, and how we should pay attention to what’s already out there, not just new films.

Guest mix #20
Guest mix by TV-Tas. Swipe up to tune in to his hip-hop, dub and alternative sounds.

Session #21
Few people embody the joy of home brewing as much as James. His broad grin and experimental brews, that feature everything from maple, bacon and bourbon to blueberry kush are a regular fixture at beer festivals in Amsterdam and beyond. James joins Danny and Sander to take us on his brewing journey from in NYC to Amsterdam.

Guest mix #19
This week’s guest mix is by Steele Bonus, recorded in the Taproom during Fresh Beer Friday. Expect 80’s new wave and soul, lots of tunes to make your body move!

Session #20
Roda Da Holanda have been brightening up Oedipus events with their samba magic for many moons. For this special edition of Radio Oedipus they take us on a trip to Brazil with words and music from Breno and Femke. Até então!

Guest mix #19
This weeks mix is by DJ Dreamboat, recorded in the Taproom on a sunny day in August. Tune in!

Session #19
If you can tell brettanomyces from lactobicillus, then you’ll already know all about Carnivale Brettonomyces. This festival celebrating wild yeast attracts devoted drinkers from all around the world. But if you’re just starting to appreciate the power of sour, let the festival’s founders, Jan and Elaine, take you on a trip on the wild side of beer.

Session #18
It’s coffee time with Kees Kraakman, the founder of Keppler Coffee. Kees is widely regarded as one of the best coffee roasters in the Netherlands. What he doesn’t know about coffee you can write on the back of a bean. He leads us on a voyage around the world to discuss the secrets of coffee (and how to make a good cup at home on a budget).

Guest mix #18
The guest mix this week is by Pal/Secam. Recorded on a hot Friday in August. (splash) Funky Tropical worldly sounds to get ya grooving. Tune in!

Session #17
This week’s show features some friends who started making beer at home before opening a brewery in Amsterdam Noord. No, it’s not Oedipus but Walhalla, our comrades around the corner in the Hamerkwartier. Aart and Paul came by to talk origin stories, mythology and beer (of course).

Guest mix #17
This week’s mix is from Black Currant (@blackcurrantmag), a sweet selection of alternative rock and roll hits, this mix has attitude.Tune in!

Session #16
Chateau Amsterdam is the first city winery in the Netherlands. It’s also just down the road from our brewery. Last year they gave us some Macabeu grapes left over from their wine pressing with which we made Studio Oedipus No.22. The least we could in return was invite Chateau founder Remy Harrewijn to pop over and educate us on the world of wine.

Session #15
This week’s guest is Charlotte Jongejan, co-founder of Klabu. Klabu is a non-profit foundation that sets up community sports clubs in refugee camps and urban areas around the world. Just like every club, you can support Klabu by buying its shirt to help fund more clubs. Charlotte Jongejan, co-founder of Klabu, joins Danny and Victor to discuss the challenge of being a start-up NGO and how to bring charity and community together in the modern world.

Guestmix #15
This weeks guest mix is by our good friend Palo Santo Disco’s. Tune in!

Session #14
This week on Radio Oedipus #14 we talk BEER with the one and only Rick Kempen. Rick, Danny and Sander talk what’s happening in the beer world. At the end of the show you’ll know why Rick never takes time away from beer 🙂

Guestmix #14

Session #13
Lara Verheijden first came to our attention with her Amsterdam Nude Calendar. Lara came to the studio to meet Danny and our resident artist Victor Brangolo to talk about her motivation, work process, projects and nudity. You won’t be surprised to hear that she didn’t hold anything back.

Guest Mix #13
This weeks guest mix is by our FBF resident TV Tas, recorded live from the brewery.

Session #12
We’re back on the beer this week with Butcher’s Tears. Our fellow Amsterdam brewers forged their own path by following their instincts, not  formulas or fashion, to create beers that can range from medieval mead to raw Swedish farmhouse ales. Jan and Aerkan join Danny and our beer sommelier Bas to debate the benefits of old school vs new school brewing and how to position yourself in the modern beer world.

Guest Mix #12 
This weeks guest mix is by Timothy F., recorded live from the brewery last Fresh Beer Friday.

Session #11
We just can’t seem to get enough of Nijmegen (session 3) and fermented food (session 8), and neither can this week’s guest, Do Bongers . She’s from Nijmegen, where she started her brewing career at Oersoep, before moving to Fierce Beer in Scotland and picking up the prize for Brewer of the Year at the 2019 Scottish Beer Awards. Now she’s moved back home to start her own fermented food company Basic Theory using surplus vegetables. We discuss her switch and how her brewing knowledge will enrich her food.

Guest Mix #11
This weeks guest mix is by Steele Bonus, recorded live from the brewery last Fresh Beer Friday. As an Australian artist now based in Amsterdam he’s no stranger to Red Light Radio and the Oedipus Taproom. Expect a mix of dub, electronic and wave – sounds that go well with a sour lager. Tune in

Session #10
Radio Oedipus #10 is a family affair with the four Oedipus founders. We talk to Rick, Paul, Alex and Sander about homebrewing and how they started this whole thing.

Guest Mix #10
This weeks guest mix is by the Runners. Relative new comers to the Oedipus Fresh Beer Friday crew. In the UK they are known for their parties, radio shows (Red Light Radio, KMAH Radio) and record label. Now based in Amsterdam and with a love for beer <3.

Session #9
Being an artist is great, but it’s hard to pay the bills. As part of the Amsterdam art scene for more than a decade, Matthijs Booij knows this better than most. His work includes The One-Thousand Drawing Pension Plan, where you can buy a drawing for €1 a month until his retirement. He’s also founder of Patty Morgan, an online art gallery representing young artists. He joins Danny and Sander to discuss how it’s possible to sustain yourself as an artist while retaining creative freedom.

Guest Mix #9
Curious to find out more about our host Danny Walker? This is your chance; this weeks guest mix is done DJ Danny. Expect hand picked oddities and modern hits from the independent and experimental realms of music. Tune in!

Session #8
This week’s food for thought comes from Funk Gilde, two chefs raising the (snack) bar with creations like the Kimchi Kroket. One half of the duo, Abel Jeuken, joins us to discuss his journey from cook to brewer to chef, why fermentation is the future and to initiate Danny in the delights of Dutch snack bar culture.

Guest Mix #8
This weeks guest mix is done by DJ Dreamboat. ” The recent explosion of media attention and activism around Black Lives Matter has caused me to think and reflect about racism. That’s great, but even greater would be to take action, and not stop after reflecting. For that reason I have selected music for this mix created strictly by black artists. Not at all a challenge as there are so many great black artists out there. I hope this mix makes everyone
a bit more aware of that fact ” -DJ Dreamboat.

Session #7
This week Radio Oedipus talks bread with Broodbakkerij Ex. Baking and brewing are very similar: they both involve yeast, early mornings, and start with the letter b. We invited Eline Ex & Alysha Aggarwal from our favourite North Amsterdam bakery, Broodbakkerij Ex, to discuss the secrets of sourdough, the importance of storytelling in connecting to (local) products, and what a day in the life of a baker is really like. They also lead us in our first ever bread tasting (spoiler alert – it’s brown).

Guest Mix #7
Guest mix by Alyssa aka Beeswax. Tune in to her jazzy hip-hop sounds while enjoying a nice hoppy beer. Cheers!

Session #6
In this episode of Radio Oedipus we talk to the owner of Bierproeflokaal In de Wildeman; Simon Fokkema. In the Wildeman is a charming bar that has been at the heart of the Amsterdam beer world for more than thirty years. Simon joins Danny and Oedipus head brewer – and Wildeman regular – Sander to discuss the secret of being a good host and the role bars and restaurants play in a community, a topic that feels particularly relevant at the moment. Help us grow our radio show by subscribing to one of these channels.

Guest Mix #6
Bruce Willes brings the heat with this weeks guest mix. Tune in, “Yippie-Kai-Yay, Motherf*****r!”

Session #5
For our next session we welcome back Lien, a longstanding member of the Oedipus family.
Nowadays she co-runs Red Light Radio, the legendary Amsterdam music platform who are searching for a new direction after leaving their spiritual home.Tune in to hear Lien discuss the ins and outs of music and programming.

Guest Mix #5
This week’s guest mix is from the Bakabanas, a DJ duo who you might have seen at Planet Oedipus back in the day. A happy mix from garage to eighties electronica – dance your socks off.

Session #4
Two of the people who shape our visual world get deep about creativity and inspiration. Friend and artist Boris de Beijer, who makes our colourful tap handles and Victor Brangolo, the artist who draws, paints and creates almost everything Oedipus you see.

Guest Mix #4
This weeks guest mix by Zen Rockers, Oedipus Residents known for their dub and reggae sounds present a “not at all reggae” mix. Here’s a versatile mix of electro, jazz, and reggae.

Session #3
In our third episode we take a look on the wild side of beer with Mattias Terpstra, founder and head brewer of Nevel Artisan Ales. Our very own beer sommelier Bas Visser joins us to ask Mattias about foraging for ingredients and the importance of locality in beer. On the lighter side of things, grab some pen and paper to take part in the already infamous quiz.

Guest Mix #3
The guest mix is by Lien, who used to work at our taproom and is now part of the crew at Red Light Radio. We never know what she’s going to play, but it always gets the party started, so grab a cold beer and give your ears a treat.

Session #2
For episode two we’re joined by Simon Parrot from The Beef Chief, makers of locally sourced burgers in Amsterdam. He talks about sustainability in the food industry, together with Andres Jara from Stadsgroenteboer, who tells us what it’s like to be an urban farmer.

Guest Mix #2
The guest mix is by Palo Santo Discos, who has has delved into his extensive collection of tunes from around the world to broadcast a special mix straight out of his living room. Expect obscure, far out sounds from close to the equator.

Session #1
In our very first try out session we dive into the world of kombucha with Nicolas Adam from Leave Your Sword kombucha. Our head brewer Sander leads us through a tasting of Remix, our new kellerbier, and we see what’s lurking in a beer connoisseur’s fridge.

Guest Mix #1
The guest mix is by Pål / Secam, an eclectic DJ duo who are residents at Fresh Beer Fridays at the Oedipus Taproom. Their sunny mix is inspired by record digging in recent travels to Portugal and South Africa.

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