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Importing beer into the USA is not easy, but it is possible. Unfortunately, it is not cheap.
To make it easier and somewhat standardized, we made a couple of product combinations that are the most efficient and economical to send.

Shipping costs will be automatically calculated at checkout. To give you a general idea, a box of 6 bottles costs €35 to send, 12 bottles costs €50, 24 bottles costs €100.
To make things simpler and not exceed the maximum box weight, you can only order one box at a time. We kindly ask you to place a separate order if you want more than one box.

Each box is based on grouping similar bottle weights and sizes together. You can choose the contents based on the following groups:
Bottles: Mannenliefde, Thai Thai, Gaia, Polyamorie, País Tropical, Swingers, Avatar, Panty, Pilsner, Dodo, Madeleine, Multiball, Schwung, Swingle, Spektakel & Panorama
Cans: Beer, Mash, Strip, Do-Ri-N-Ku & Pilsner
Studio: Gloria, Alice, Rita, Pinetta, Gigetta, Pamela, Mary, Gospel, No. 23, No. 27 & Remix
Glasses: Vaas, Mannenliefde Vaas, Goblet, Goblet Thai Thai & Strip v2

You can choose any amount of each bottle to fill up your box. You can add this information to the order in the ‘notes’ section. T-shirts can be added to a box with no extra shipping charge. If you need more information or you have any questions or special requests, email us at

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