Badhuis Oedipus

Welcome to the Oedipus Friendshop!

We’ve turned Badhuis Oedipus into a fun shop filled with friends from across our galaxy. In addition to fine (and live) home brews, you’ll find art, music, food and all your heart could wish for. Feel welcome and support local brewers, makers, musicians and artists. Come say hi!

Line up : Steven de Peven, Mary Go Wild, Sasa Ostoja, Floor van het Nederend, Kutteclub, Elena Giolo, Mediamatic, Skek, Stichting Noordje, Knekelhuis, Paradiso Vinly Club, Blip Agency, Geertruida, Bindrepied, Barry Timmer, Butchers Tears, Nevel, Kaapse Brouwers, Kromme Haring, Tommie Sjef, Walhalla, Leave Your Sword Kombucha, Chateaux, Lab111, Roze Bunker, Keppler, Bakkerij Ex, Funk Gilde, Brandt & Levie, Stadsgroenteboer and more to come.

Some instructions to keep everybody safe and happy | Please register your visit (name & number) | Max 4 people at a time | Please respect the 1.5 meter distance | Enjoy your fresh beer at home  | PIN card only | And please bring your own bag.

Opening Hours 

Thursday & Friday from 14:00 – 18:00

Saturday & Sunday from 13:00 – 18:00

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